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Signs You Should Replace Your Furnace

If you find yourself seeking heating repair in McHenry throughout the winter, your home is probably not as warm and cozy as it should be. It is during the colder months of the year that you will want your furnace to be functioning at maximum capacity, not malfunctioning all the time. Read on for a few signs that indicate that you should replace your furnace.

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Replacing your furnace is not the cheapest task, but neither is continuously paying for furnace repairs. If your furnace works fine for the most part but its performance occasionally dips, it may be worthwhile to have it repaired; this is especially true if your furnace is on the younger side of ten years old. However, an aging HVAC appliance is more likely to require frequent repairs, which can quickly add up. If this describes your heating and cooling situation, it may be time for a replacement. While new furnace prices might be intimidating to some homeowners, your new unit may provide you with up to two decades of hassle free heating. Not only will your new furnace allow you to rest assured that your HVAC unit will not break down, it will also work more efficiently than an older model.


Like many other HVAC appliances, newer models of furnaces tend to be much more efficient than their predecessors. If your furnace does not suffer frequent breakdowns but is beginning to show its age, it may be a good time to upgrade to a newer, better unit. The newer furnace can keep you efficiently comfortable at all times, allowing you to create a pleasant home atmosphere. Newer models are also excellent if you are concerned with your impact on the environment; modern furnaces make the most of the power they use and are thus environmentally friendly. In some cases the unit may even pay for itself over time.


Although certain malfunctions can be repaired with relative ease, some furnace issues present safety hazards. If your furnace breaks in any way that causes potential harm for you or your family, it should be replaced immediately.

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