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Understanding How Air Conditioners Work

It’s hard to imagine Crystal Lake summers without an air conditioner. Have you ever taken time to consider how that noisy appliance on the side of your house keeps you cool?

The basic principle behind air conditioners is evaporation. Liquids cool down when they evaporate. So does the liquid inside your air conditioner (known as refrigerant). Your home cools down as air is blown over the coils because the evaporating refrigerant makes the coils extremely cold. The evaporated refrigerant is pumped through a compressor where it is turned into a liquid again. This cycle repeats over and over as long as your air conditioner is running.

Watch this video clip for a further explanation of how air conditioners work. Even if you don’t understand how air conditioners work at all, you can bet that your AC repair company in Crystal Lake does. Keep your home comfortable and keep your energy costs down by contacting your AC repair technician at the first sign of trouble.

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