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Boilers are used for a variety of heating purposes at home and serve as an alternative to furnaces. While a furnace heats air and spreads it throughout your home, a boiler heats water and uses radiation to transfer heat into the house. It may be hard to find a technician qualified to repair and maintain the boiler. That's where McHenry Heating & Air Conditioning gets involved.

Some common boiler problems include the following:

  • No Heat - May be caused by low water levels, valve issues, or thermostat problems
  • Low Water Pressure - This can hinder your boiler's heat production; may be the result of a leak
  • Faulty Radiator - This can be the result of corroded pipework

These are just a few of the many problems you may have with a boiler home heating system, all of which our technicians can fix.

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Don't look far and wide for a company that will overcharge you for boiler service. Look no further than McHenry Heating & Air Conditioning for experienced service at a competitive price.

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