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HVAC Sales & Installation Process

We Offer a 17-Point Process in McHenry and Crystal Lake

1. To start, a basic phone interview will be conducted in order to gather your information and have a general idea of what McHenry Heating & Air Conditioning type of a system you are looking for.

2. We will then schedule a convenient date and time for your evaluation.

3. Introduction at the front door and the Comfort Consultant will ask for a place to sit down and go over the Comfort Concerns survey.

4. Once all Comfort Concerns have been addressed, the Comfort Consultant will measure your home in order to properly design your system.

5. A load calculation will be generated at your home and reviewed by your Comfort Consultant.

6. A detailed inspection of your current heating and cooling system, as well as a visual inspection of your duct system.

7. Your Comfort Consultant will design with you a complete comfort system that is based on the results of the Comfort Concerns survey, the load calculation and the evaluation of your current heating and cooling system.

8. Once you have selected your new comfort system, an installation date and approximate completion time will be agreed upon.

9. The night before the scheduled installation, the office will contact you to confirm the appointment.

10. The install team arrives the next day and before work starts they will go over the installation details of your new comfort system. This allows us all to be on the same page, thereby eliminating the chance for any confusion.

11. Upon arrival, the installation team will lay down cloth protectors throughout the work areas of your home.

12.During the installation, if any concerns should arise, the Installation Professional, the Comfort Consultant, or the office staff will discuss an appropriate solution.

13. All work areas will be cleaned to your complete satisfaction at the conclusion of the installation. All equipment and related debris will be removed from your home and disposed of properly.

14. Upon Completion of your new comfort system, all components will be tested by the Installation Professional to perform to manufacturer specifications. This is accomplished by using McHenry Heating's rigorous inspection followed by awill make complete review and your signature showing your complete satisfaction.

15. Within one week, our office will make a follow up call with you to make sure your new comfort system is working properly, ask if you have any questions and make an appointment for the Comfort Consultant to come back to perform a quality audit.

16.To wrap up, your Comfort Consultant will come back to your home a week lor two later to review your new comfort system and answer any questions you may have.

17. Finally, now you can sit back and enjoy many years of comfort and energy savings from your new comfort system.

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